The Most Known Types of Card Readings: Unveiling the Magic

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Hello from Psychic Raven! Today, I have compiled for you the most common types of card readings in psychic sessions in all cultures.

As a seasoned psychic, I have conducted extensive research to furnish you with this exhaustive compendium elucidating the prevailing types of card readings. Whether you are seeking enlightenment, pursuing answers, or simply captivated by the mystical realm of divination, card readings proffer invaluable insights into various facets of existence. In this discourse, we shall delve into the distinct variations of card readings, encompassing tarot, oracle, angel, Lenormand, playing card, rune, and cartomancy readings. So, procure your deck, and let us plunge into the captivating domain of card readings.

Synopsis of Card Readings

Tarot cards have endured as a favored instrument for divination and introspection. This deck comprises 78 cards, bifurcated into the Major Arcana (22 cards embodying pivotal life themes) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards denoting quotidian encounters). Tarot card readings involve shuffling the deck, drawing cards, and decoding their significance. Various tarot spreads, such as the Celtic Cross or Three-Card Spread, yield distinct insights into specific domains of life.

Most Common Types of Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings

While akin to tarot cards, oracle cards provide a more intuitive and personalized approach to divination. Oracle decks encompass an extensive array of themes and designs, empowering readers to select a deck that resonates with their interests and spiritual convictions.

Unlike tarot cards, oracle cards lack rigid structures or predefined regulations. The reader relies on their intuition and the imagery adorning the cards to dispense guidance and answers to the querent’s inquiries.

Angel Card Readings

Angel cards facilitate a connection with the celestial realm, conveying messages of love, succor, and divine counsel. These cards are purposefully crafted to foster communication with our guardian angels, enabling us to receive their tender wisdom.

Angel card readings entail evoking the presence of angels, shuffling the deck, and selecting cards that bear messages pertinent to the querent’s circumstances. The messages received often impart solace, reassurance, and inspiration.

Lenormand Card Readings

Christened after the renowned French fortune-teller Marie Anne Lenormand, Lenormand cards furnish concise and direct responses to specific questions. Unlike tarot cards, Lenormand decks encompass 36 cards, each depicting a distinct symbol or situation.

Lenormand readings center around pragmatic matters, such as relationships, careers, and everyday trials. The combination of cards and their proximity to one another assumes a pivotal role in interpreting Lenormand readings.

Playing Card Readings

Beyond their conventional employment in games, playing cards can serve as potent tools for divination. Each suit and numeral in a playing card deck carries its own symbolism and connotation.

Card readers who specialize in playing card readings decipher the cards based on their suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) and numerical values. Various spreads, such as the Three-Card Love Spread or the Five-Card Pyramid Spread, can offer insights into specific facets of life.

Rune Readings

Runes are ancient symbols imbued with profound meanings, originating from Norse and Germanic cultures. Rune sets typically encompass 24 symbols, each representing a concept or natural force. Rune readings entail casting the runes, either by drawing them from a bag or arranging them in a specific pattern.

The placement and orientation of the runes determine their interpretations. Rune readings can proffer guidance, unveil concealed influences, and illuminate future possibilities.


Cartomancy denotes the practice of employing regular playing cards or specially designed cartomancy decks for divinatory purposes. It harks back to age-old traditions of fortune-telling and continues to enjoy popularity today.

Cartomancy readers decode the cards based on their suits, numerals, and combinations. Different spreads, such as the Five-Card Horseshoe Spread or the Celtic Cross Spread, are employed to explore diverse dimensions of life and furnish guidance. Also, it’s my favorite type of card reading 😍.

Personalized Card Readings

In addition to the well-known card reading systems, personalized card readings offer tailored experiences tailored to the querent’s unique needs and aspirations. These readings frequently amalgamate multiple decks or divination tools to provide an all-encompassing insight into the individual’s life. Personalized card readings can address a myriad of subjects, including love, career, spiritual growth, and personal development. They prove particularly advantageous for those seeking a more personalized and profound reading.

Selecting the Appropriate Card Reading

Given the plethora of card reading alternatives available, it becomes paramount to discern the most suitable reading type to cater to one’s requirements. Consider factors such as personal preferences, the sphere of life in which guidance is sought, and the resonance one feels with a particular connection. Whether one favors the structured symbolism of tarot, the instinctual guidance of oracle cards, or the angelic messages conveyed by angel cards, finding the ideal match will enrich the overall card reading experience.

Enhancing Your Card Reading Experience

To optimize the benefits derived from card reading encounters, it becomes imperative to cultivate an environment conducive to the practice and nurture one’s, intuitive faculties. Prepare yourself by clearly establishing an intention, clearing your mind, and focusing on the questions or areas where guidance is sought. Create a serene and sacred space in which you feel at ease and connected to the spiritual realm. Engage in meditation or other techniques that heighten intuition and psychic abilities, thereby enabling a more profound and accurate interpretation of the cards.

The Final Verdict

In this discourse, we have explored some of the most widespread forms of card readings available. From tarot and oracle cards to angel, Lenormand, playing card, rune, and cartomancy readings, each modality furnishes unique insights and guidance. Remember that card readings serve as tools to aid you on your spiritual journey, providing invaluable perspectives. Embrace the enchantment and wisdom they encompass, and may your card reading encounters be enlightening, empowering, and transformative.

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